Things to learn from the Annual UK Spend

Things to learn from the Annual UK Spend:

The regular survey for 2013 by the IAB and PwC concerning full year figures for online advertising was published in April 2014.

Mobile advertising expenditure passed £1 billion, a double increase from 2012
Other headlines from the latest ad spend report include:

• Advertising on the internet and mobile phones in all categories experienced and increase of £853 million (15.2%) to £6.3 billion in 2013, in comparison to £5.45 billion in 2012
• Video adverts saw an increase of 62% to £324.9 million, which means video now accounts for 18% of all online and mobile display advertising.
• One third (35%) of total digital social media advertising is covered by mobile advertising.
• Tablet-dedicated adverts have seen an increase of more than 400% to reach at least £34.4m in 2013, which is up from £6.8m in 2012
These statistics and research are useful when discussing how much a company should spend on and how to approach digital media. In the 2011 report it was found that more tha £1 out of every £4 of advertising budgets was invested into online marketing, a first in online advertising. Although the figures weren’t disclosed in the newest report, it is estimated that the figure is now closer to 30%.
However, many organisations still spend a lot less than 25% of their advertising budget on online media, but this could be much more ideal for their market…
With £3 in £4 still spent offline in traditional media like TV and print advertising it highlights the necessity for traditional media and the need to further merge these with online media practices.
This research seemingly show the most effective online advertising tactics, but be aware of certain factors – it’s pure media spend only. Other digital marketing channels such as affiliate marketing, SEO, content marketing and online PR/Social media aren’t included
The different advertising categories are divided like this:
• Paid search advertising maintained a 55% share of digital advertising, cementing their position as the largest single format.
• Display advertising accounted for 30% of spend, similar to previous years.
• Classifieds account for 14% of spending.

the IAB Europe Adspend figures contains data more relevant to Europe as a whole.  Display tends to account for a higher proportion of spend in Europe overall.