Most Interesting Social Media Gathering Since Web Summit?

The Web Summit captured the imagination of techies and entrepreneurs worldwide, and has quickly become the conference to go to in the eyes of many. Yet, later this month, one small town in the West of Ireland will host a far lesser known but, in the eyes of this author at least, equally as exciting conference.

Congregation 2014 is a conference with a difference. There are no stages – instead there are what the organiser calls ‘huddles’ – that is, groups of ten people clustered together. Every participant is a speaker, and will have gained entry not by paying for a ticket but by contributing an original blog post in advance (mine has been sent and is awaiting publication). I love the idea of this conference because I feel it brings elements of the social media experience such as building communities, removing barriers and facilitating dialogue into into a real-life event.

I anticipate a very thought provoking event where significant connections are established and topics discussed will be digested heavily. I’ve written my blog post – there might stilll be time to write yours.

Visit for more information.