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  • We’re a full service marketing agency passionate about generating more leads for our clients
  • We help our clients win business online
  • We provide marketing strategy and premium production
  • From strategy, to websites, to video, to google ad word campaigns and PR campaigns, we deliver measurable value across the board
  • We’re crazy about your customer – because your customer pays us.





We can’t move your company to Grafton Street but we can do the next best thing and bring traffic to your website. How? We place valuable content on your website, which together with SEO, increases your search engine ranking. Throw in a highly optimized Ad Campaign that we’ll manage and Bob’s your uncle*.


Traffic without leads is like being famous but broke – fun for a day or so but painfully annoying after that. We analyse the traffic to your site, then combine the latest research in marketing psychology with some nifty technology to maximize lead conversion. There’s a reason some people aren’t buying from you – our job is to discover it and fix it.


Forget the old saying ‘50% of marketing works and 50% doesn’t, just don’t ask me which 50% works.’ Now, we can tell you everything that works and everything that doesn’t. Some times, things won’t work. Our commitment to analysing data means you can learn what doesn’t work and tweak it accordingly.

*Bob may not become your uncle, but who cares when your sales are improving?


Lime Interactive is a full service marketing and communications agency based in Dublin, Ireland. We tailor make strategies for our clients and have a skilled team of account managers, public relations professionals, developers and designers to help bring our strategies to life.

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Lime Interactive

Our Services

Training and Consultancy

Training and Consultancy

Our trainers have delivered lectures to international sales teams for multinationals as well as bespoke courses for SMEs. As practicing professionals in our fields of expertise, we truly have our ear to the ground in relation to marketing and business trends and bring a wealth of insight to any training or consultancy programme.

Media Purchasing & Planning

Media Purchasing & Planning

The purchasing of advertising is a skill that requires a knowledge of the media market place. We know the Irish market inside out and our buying power allows us to negotiate excellent agency rates.

Premium Video Production

Premium Video Production

Professional grade video, graphic, web and app development are all home territory for our media production team.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We have a proven track record of successfully reading markets and creating targeted campaigns. Competitor and industry analysis is followed by strategy execution and detailed reports.

Traditional Public Relations

Traditional Public Relations

With over 1300 press mentions for our clients and a network of contacts in the media, our public relations services include press liaison, press launches, press release distribution, press photography and analysis of results.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We've helped brands achieve continuous growth and interaction with their target market through managed social media services. Specific services include content creation, advertisement management and detailed reporting.

"We were delighted with the service as the social media solutions they provided were both innovative and effective"

Simon Scriver, Director, Total Fundraising

Some Facts About Lime

Innovative solutions will be rolled out by us by July 2015
Is where we place our clients on the priority list

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Male Irish Influencers on Twitter

Top 10 Male Irish Influencers on Twitter in 2015

An influencer is a person who reaches large audiences and inspires them to think differently.

In Ireland, we have lots of influencers who use Twitter as a channel to grow their audience and expand their reach.

We’ve compiled our list of top ten male influencers (female list to follow).

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Some tips to capitalise your e-commerce website

7 reasons your customers aren’t buying from your e-commerce website

Frustrating, isn’t it? When your e-commerce store records lots of traffic, but still people aren’t clicking on the buy now button. Lots of people report traffic to their website, but for some reason this traffic does not convert to sales. Some even go as far as completing their contact details only to abandon their purchase at the last minute.

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Online Clothing shopping: latest trends

Online Clothing Shopping: Latest Trends

The fashion industry is one of the oldest industries in existence, yet it is currently experiencing a renaissance through e-commerce technology. Contrary to the common idea it is at the middle of a crisis, according to the 2014 European Commission’s report, ‘fashion and high-end industries are one of the most vibrant and creative sectors in Europe’.  The creativity in this industry does not end with the textiles though – a growing amount of fashion manufacturers and retailers are becoming increasingly creative with e-commerce , creative online stores and social media, ensuring large amount of purchases occur online.

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a slice of ireland

Vital Statistics about the Irish Market: A Slice of Ireland

In marketing, the more you know about your customer, the easier you can create products that benefit them and campaigns that engage them in a meaningful way. So when Maximum Media (owners of powerhouse websites ,, and ) announced they had surveyed 20,000 of their Irish readers and would be announcing their findings at A Slice of Ireland, we knew the event was not to be missed. After all:

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There are some tools to know for a business to overcome a bad publicity on the Internet

Public Relations: How To Overcome or Avoid Bad Publicity in the Digital Age

Today, digital is at the heart of a public relations policy and every brand knows the importance of a well-conducted social media campaign. However, companies are not perfect and can show some weakness in how they conduct business and their communication with the public. A crisis can happen all too easily, and above all can have quick consequences for the brand. Yet, proactive and reactive action can be taken to limit damage to the brand and in some cases even turn the negative publicity around.

What are the top tips to manage a crisis communication based on an online bad publicity?

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How to have a mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly website checklist, the must-follow guide to ensure your website avoids penalties from Google

We recently created a blog post about Google’s penalty for non mobile-friendly websites.

Within a day it had already become one of our most-read blog posts, probably due to the fact that business owners are recognizing the potential catastrophic consequences for not having a mobile friendly site due to Google’s new penalties. We decided it would be useful to create a handy checklist that business owners can download.

For a limited time only, you can download the checklist for free here.

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Image of person with a tablet

Google’s new penalties for non mobile-friendly websites: everything you need to know

On the 21st of April 2015, Google will use new algorithms to rank Internet pages including new parameters that take into account the increasing of the use of mobile devices. Some companies are concerned about a possible demotion of their website on the search engine, and rightly so. This new development could have detrimental consequences for websites that are poorly optimised for mobile. In this article, I’ll give you a brief background on the development followed by 5 things you must know about Google’s April 21st Deadline.

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