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Three Samples of Creative Video Marketing in Web Design

Have you ever heard the term a picture speaks a thousand words? Then a video at 25 frames per second speaks 25,000 words, or 1.8 million words according to a popular statistic circulating online. Either way, the power of video can’t be denied and it is one of the most powerful tools of visual communication.

Below are three examples of very creative use of video online.

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Marketing Trends 2015


Here’s my marketing predictions for 2015 based on trends in clients’ data over the past twenty four months and general trends in the industry. I’d love to know what your number seven would be, or if you have any opinions on my top six.

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Most Interesting Social Media Gathering Since Web Summit?

The Web Summit captured the imagination of techies and entrepreneurs worldwide, and has quickly become the conference to go to in the eyes of many. Yet, later this month, one small town in the West of Ireland will host a far lesser known but, in the eyes of this author at least, equally as exciting conference.

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Linked In 2


When LinkedIn launched their publishing feature in 2014 they gave us an amazing opportunity to share our insights with our professional network. After all, throughout our working career we all collect experiences and wisdom that can be invaluable to those in our social network.

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